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Ak Portföy offers monthly investment suggestions with the YatırımPlus application

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 8:53 pm
by bylaly
I found out that Ak Portföy has developed a new application called YatırımPlus , which gives monthly advice to investors who want to evaluate their savings in early June, upon the notification of a reader a few days ago . Naturally, I did not want to write anything without examining the application.

I just downloaded YatırımPlus from Ak Portföy from the application store and I had the opportunity to try the application. I want to convey my ideas and introduce the application that I think will be beneficial for the savers.

Ak Asset Management team offers free investment suggestions

The InvestmentPlus application offered by Ak Portföy provides different investment recommendations for investors who want to evaluate their savings every month. Moreover, the expert investment team of Ak Portföy shares its investment recommendations with everyone through the application completely free of charge. In other words, you do not have to be an Ak Portfolio or Akbank customer to access the application and get investment advice. You can also apply investment proposals from your own bank. Information about how you can apply the suggestions from your own bank is explained step by step in the application.

When you start using YatırımPlus, which you can download from the application stores, you are asked to enter the amount of investment you want to invest. After entering the investment amount, you will receive current monthly investment recommendations.

When I took a screenshot, I entered the amount I wanted to invest as 12,000 TL, but you can get investment suggestions by entering smaller or higher amounts for your savings such as 500 TL, 1000 TL.

Anyone can benefit from YatırımPlus suggestions
If you generally evaluate your savings by taking interest on deposits and if you want to get a little higher return with little risk, you may want to try YatırımPlus proposals.

The recommendations of YatırımPlus, which are selected by experts every month, affect only 30% of your savings. Yatırımplus distribution in the recommended 70% deposit , 30% of mutual funds occurs in the form. For example, you continue to evaluate 70% of your savings on deposits and apply the recommendations only to the remaining 30% of your savings. Thus, by balancing the risk, you can use a certain part of your savings to get higher returns.

Ak Asset Management recommends gold , bonded funds or limited stock- weighted mutual funds . If you plan to provide medium or long-term returns rather than short-term and plan to spend some of your savings on different instruments without taking too much risk, you can follow the recommendations updated monthly in the application.

Finally, you can download the InvestmentPlus mobile app from the App Store or Google Play to start receiving investment suggestions.