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6 things to do immediately if your card is stolen or lost

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 8:52 pm
by bylaly
My credit or debit card was stolen, you have the right if you think what to do and worry. Because when the stolen or lost credit card or debit cards are taken into the hands of malicious people, if no precautions have been taken before, they can be used by using unencrypted transactions.

Even worse, if your card that is stolen or lost is used for any illegal method, it can lead to deeper problems, which are also examples in the legal sense. For this reason, even if you see the probability of happening to you, it becomes important to know what to do in advance when your card disappears.

What to do if your credit or debit card is stolen or lost:

Call your bank's call center, contact your bank by phone
The first thing you should do is call your bank immediately. When you call the call center of your bank , press the "Lost, stolen card notifications" option that you will hear first . Cancel your lost or stolen card with your customer representative after dialing .

Banks will connect you directly to your customer representative without waiting for you, as there are often card stolen and lost situations and a serious problem. Some banks can even cancel your cards without connecting them to a customer representative.

If you can't search, try other alternative ways like internet banking
In some cases, all the negativities overlap. It's okay to not be able to call. You can try other alternative ways of not making calls. For example, if you are using your bank's mobile application, you can also make a “Lost-stolen” report by logging into the mobile application. On the other hand, it is possible to make the same notification from your bank's internet branch.

If it is not possible to access the internet branch or mobile channels and you have this problem during working hours, you can go directly to the branch of your bank. You can communicate the problem to the customer representative without waiting or you can reach the call center directly by using the phones in the bank branches.

Regardless, the first thing you should do is to reach your bank and close the card by reporting the problem.

Examine your account movements, this is really necessary
After reaching your bank and taking the security of your cards under control, be sure to review your account movements . You can examine your account transactions from the internet branch, mobile applications and ATMs, or you can get an account statement from the bank branch.

If your card is in the hands of malicious people, it is likely that it has been spent. For this reason, it is extremely important to examine your account movements and to determine the expenses that you have not made. In the meantime, if your credit card is not your lost / stolen card, you may also need to examine the “pending transactions” section while examining your spending movements. Because, as you know, while credit card spending is sometimes reflected directly in the period movements, sometimes it becomes visible in intra-period movements after a certain period of time and your spending during this period is kept in provision.

To take precautions early, do not forget to check the account transactions for your debit card, in-period expenses for your credit card and the transactions pending provision .

Are there any suspicious actions, appeal for spending
When you examine your account transactions, you can appeal to your bank for expenses that you do not see and suspect .

According to the Law No. 5464 in the Bank Cards and Credit Card legislation, you can object to the expenditures made when your card is stolen, copied or spending without your knowledge. As stated in the article 12 of the Law titled “Unfair use and insurance of the card”, the cardholder is only responsible for the losses arising from illegal expenses within twenty-four (24) hours in case of loss, theft and spending afterwards.

When your card is stolen or lost, notify your bank and file an appeal if there are any expenses you did not make. To file a transaction appeal, fill out the transaction appeal form you can request from your bank. Follow the result of your appeal from your bank.

Note that if you experience problems or disputes with your bank for transaction appeals, you can also apply to the Consumer Problems Arbitration Panel, based on Article 22 and 23 of the Law on the Protection of Consumers, Article 44 of Bank Cards and Credit Card Law.

File a criminal complaint for expenses you have not made
There are many consumers who use high limit credit cards. Therefore, I think the issue should be emphasized. In case of theft / loss of the cards, expenses made by others constitute a crime . You must also file a criminal complaint with the Public Prosecutor's Office, as the action constitutes a crime after you object to the spending.

After filing a criminal complaint with the Public Prosecutor's Office, you can also request that the existing problem be resolved in civil courts based on private law provisions.

No problem, request your new card
You are lucky if you have checked your spending movements and have not detected suspicious transactions or expenses. Since you have canceled your lost and stolen card, you will not be able to use it even if you find it.

You can contact your bank and request that your new card be sent to any address you want, such as your home or office. Your new card will be sent to you within 10 days at the latest. In the meantime, your bank may charge under the name of 'card renewal fee' when you request a new card . Most banks take it, if you see it on your statement, be informed. You can see the information about how much your bank will charge when it requests a new one for your stolen, lost card, and you can learn this fee information through other communication channels of your bank as well as through the other communication channels of your bank.