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European Union

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 8:48 pm
by bylaly
Turkey, as everyone knows, the European Union 'What accession process poses a significant ongoing process of Turkish foreign policy for decades. Everyone argues that it will be very good for us to enter the European Union. However, while many people answer the question of "What will happen if we enter the European Union?", Everyone is interested in the visible part of the iceberg. In this article, I will try to show what is waiting for us when we enter the European Union and show some invisible part of the iceberg.

people from all walks of questions about the European Union, a major turning point for the developing countries like Turkey will give answers when you ask will generally be similar. One of these answers engraved in the minds of people is to gain free movement in European Countries. Yes, we will have such a right, and this will be a great opportunity for people who are constantly working between foreign countries and who are constantly traveling.

One of the most highlighted benefits from Turkey download high budgets to a minimum level of spending its defense, saving a couple that this expenditure on education may reserve places industry or agriculture that is determined to developing short and would could reduce unemployment by creating new employment. In addition, after the European Union and Turkey, to seek new markets gelecekmi into a country to reach a position to buy it produces each will exert an extra effort to get into that, all of them except art and introduce the world to all kinds of cultural history will exert less effort. It will be easier to benefit from brand new developments in health, and in education, especially university students will be able to receive acceptance from universities abroad for all kinds of education opportunities.

While all of these options show that Turks will open the way to transfer the efficiency, potential, manpower and production to the West, I would like to draw attention to an existing danger that awaits every member country.

As everyone knows, every country that has entered the European Union, preferably changes its currency and starts to use Euros . For example, while Germany was using a currency named Mark, he started to use the euro and agreed to unite his economy in a common way.

As you can remember, the world was talking about the financial crisis of Greece last year. The European Union has helped this, and Greece has borrowed many countries. Failure to pay the government bonds it sold to the public was due to Greece's bankruptcy. Also, since Greece was a country that mostly developed its economy in terms of tourism, this situation was inevitable from the beginning. However, unlike the field in which his economy developed, there was another reason why he had borrowed so much from his own citizens.

This is why I used the European Union currency instead of using its own currency, which I mentioned above. Namely, as you know, every state prints money at certain times of the year for various reasons and these coins are distributed to the market. Especially when the bonds were to be bought and put back on the market… Greece had no such chance because it had no authority to print its own money. As such, he had to wait for the European Union to intervene. Every country that is a member of the European Union is likely to face such a problem. If Greece was not a member state of the European Union, the state could print money and collect valuable papers that it put on the market and distributed.

As we mentioned in the same situation would be a case of Turkey, it is obvious that after the experience is not included in this union. It will allow Europe to development of our economic and cultural involvement in the Union, often ranging agenda for Turkey, a country that might have negative consequences as well as to predict how little power. For this reason, it is our duty to wish us the best management of this process.