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8 Tips to Starters from Amazon Founder

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 8:46 pm
by bylaly
In today's article, I will talk about the advice that founder Jeff Bezos gave to entrepreneurs and young leaders and applied in his own life.

Qualified as a complete internet prodigy, Jeff Bezos signed one of the biggest initiatives of our time. Jeff Bezos, a graduate of computer engineering, created the software systems of the world's largest financial companies. Founded in 1994 and managed to print its name in gold letters to the retailing industry. Bezos, the man of the year by Times magazine, now has a fortune of $ 29 billion and, according to Harvard Business Review, is the most admired CEO after Steve Jobs.

Let's take a look at the recommendations of this successful entrepreneur and internet genius altogether.

Learn to be self-sufficient
According to Jeff Bezos, the first rule of success is learning to be self-sufficient. While almost everything in the business world proceeds as a chain of command, a group of people try to establish pressure and authority on that person or a group by doing the things they cannot do. But what matters is how self-sufficient a person is. A successful leader is a person who knows how to be self-sufficient. So whether you want to be called a leader or an authoritarian, oppressive, ordinary boss, it's up to you.

One of the things that living in the countryside teaches people is to be self-sufficient. The villagers do every job themselves. In this way, a person develops self-confidence and learns to be self-sufficient. - Jeff Bezos

Take a risk
Taking risks is one of the indispensable rules of being a successful entrepreneur or leader. There will always be a risk throughout your life. We have the possibility of failing and making mistakes at any moment as well as the risk of dying at any moment. So go over whatever you want, make an account with the pros and cons, and create a 'take action' plan. Then you will find that taking risks is not that bad. And remember, you will always have the risk of losing. Let's see how the internet genius Jeff Bezos has explained this situation.

Successful entrepreneurs do not like to take risks, they like to reduce the risk. Setting up a company is always risky. In the early days, you reduce the risk systematically step by step. As the company grows, you should take more risks. - Jeff Bezos

Don't be afraid to learn
If you want to be a successful person, you should not be afraid to learn. As the world changes and grows more and more every day, you should not hesitate to learn new things and keep up with the changes. Although 'of course everything is better' is a counterpart concept, believe and work, see that it really is. At that moment when you stop learning or are afraid, you will allow your fears to take over and throw the towel on the ground at the beginning of the match. Believe more than anyone else that everything will be what you want, do not give up.

If you believe that only doing the things you know will work, you will leave many good opportunities on the table. - Jeff Bezos

Work with the right people
It is the people who make up a good team, who are in accordance with the spirit, purpose and structure of that team. It is an effective, successful and good leader who will select those with these characteristics. Starting off with a wrong person you chose will not only bring you material losses. While bringing together the low level of motivation, which causes more serious damage than material losses, it creates an environment of self-distrust and drowsiness within the group. This harms the team's spirit as much as possible. For this reason, set up a team of the right people to reach whatever you want. Look how Jeff Bezos commented on this:

Rather than hiring the wrong person, I would rather interview 50 people and not hire any of them. - Jeff Bezos

Improve yourself
There is no end to human self-development. Because every day the world is changing a little more, one has to keep up with them. Failure will arise when it lags behind the developments, which has many examples even in our history. Watch movies, read books, research, study, follow the agenda closely and approach all of these as if you were a business. Take it with you wherever you are, on the road, at work, between lunch and holiday.

There is no wrong time to improve. - Jef Bezos

Live long term, not instant
When you encounter a problem, you should not solve it for the moment. Or, when you are creating a new project, you should not think about the project's return to you only for that moment. While creating and developing problems, solutions and new projects, long-term thinking and decision-making according to it will make you a successful and effective leader. Because short-term successes or solutions will soon be replaced by a brand new problem, which will affect both your business and your motivation.

If you think long term, you can make the right decisions that you will not regret later in life. - Jeff Bezos

Get to know your opponent well
Competition is always good if you are ambitious, have goals and want to grow. Of course, provided you do not overdo it. Excessive harm is harmful in life and excessive competition is harmful. However, while competing, there is an important point to be aware of before you can fully concentrate on your business, which is to know your competitors well.

Due to the market you are in, it will not be difficult to determine your competitors. In order for you to show yourself in the leading position in that market, you have to determine who is the competitor and define their management perception and develop a management plan and strategy accordingly, before the concept of the right team, the right time and the right place. You can develop yourself to the extent that you know your competitors well, and you can become the leader of the market with a different, innovative and unique attitude. You can fill the gaps that are not seen in the market and you can provide the service that your competitors cannot provide, and you can be the most mentioned person in the market. Look, how Jeff Bezos explains this situation mathematically:

You only need to be 10% better than you to be 9 times larger than your nearest competitor. - Jeff Bezos

Do your job well
With the development of technology, everything has become a little easier now. While providing the product or service we need, we can utilize technology and go to the decision making process accordingly. While making the right decision, we expect the price we have paid will fully meet our requests.

In times when we are not satisfied with these products or services, we often seek support from the company we are shopping with. Today, the primary aim of the companies is to keep the product or service quality provided to the customer at the optimum level, while the next aim is to provide the best technical support against any possible error or problem. Customers' attitude towards a good service quality also includes the company's attitude after selling the product.

The best customer service is that the customer doesn't have to call you. Because your service is running well. - Jeff Bezos

However, long before Jeff Bezos comes to this second stage I mentioned, he encourages us to do the best service we have provided. If your customer is satisfied, your sales increase, if your sales are high, your motivation increases and your commitment to your business increases.