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Pokemon GO created its own economy

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 8:54 pm
by bylaly
Pokemon GO , which came out on July 6 and has just completed its first month , quickly gained popularity. Both in our country and around the world, players are still busy looking for Pokemon in the streets, parks and surroundings.

According to the London-based web analytics company SimilarWeb research, the amount of time Pokemon Go players in the US spent in popular apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram left behind. While players around the world are busy looking for Pokemon everywhere, the game has managed to create its own economy with the popularity it has achieved.

Who wins from the game:

Nintendo. The game was developed by two different companies named Google, Niantic and Pokémon Company, until 2015. Currently, Japan-based Nintendo is a shareholder of both companies. As a result, Nintendo shares are also affected by the success of the game . In the first few weeks of the game, Nintendo had increased its market value by over $ 7 billion. Currently, Nintendo is the two companies and shareholders of the companies that make the most of the game.

Users can still download the game for free right now, but they can also make various purchases within the game. According to the SuperData report, during the first 4 days of the game, players spent $ 14.04 million on in-game purchases. According to the numbers of Sensor Tower , only iOS (Apple) device owners earn the creators of the game $ 1.6 million per day.

Brands and businesses. Many brands and businesses that have turned the game's popularity into opportunities continue to use game-related icons in their ads. In Turkey, we encountered some brands to attract the attention of customers in particular are trying to seize the opportunities in social media. Some stores in New York, such as Sephora, American Apparel, and H&M, also made similar advertisements.

Museums and entertainment centers. Niantic officials state that Pokemon are located in areas with limited access. Sometimes it may be necessary to pay a fee to reach Pokemon, which can be found in the historical and famous places of the cities. Because tickets are required to enter places such as museums and private entertainment venues in the cities. It is stated that thanks to the game, the number of visitors of historical sites such as museums has increased.

Players. Players of Pokemon GO also found a way to earn income. Accounts with rarely found Pokemon or with high levels are put up for sale on their websites. Like ads from Turkey also possible to see the sales site. Apart from that, although it is against Niantic rules, it is seen that some users provide a few hours of coaching service on average in the USA on Craigslist, the famous advertisement site.